Sunday Thoughts
Hailey, Age 12, Chilliwack, BC

I have all these emotions
Fear, confusion, sadness
But I donít know how to get rid of them
Or how I should write them down

I feel happy today
Not in the way of joy
But in the strange way
of neutrality and simplicity
In the lack of problems
Lack of sadness,
lack of something to fret over

I feel somewhat sad today
Not in the way of crying hurt tears
But in the way of noticing something
that used to be
Is no longer alive
Too many changes happening all too fast
Iíd rather something never happen
If it will just change eventually
Now I look back, feeling sad over my losses

I feel different today
Not sad today
Or mad
Nor glad
I donít even know how I feel
I just know Iíd want to feel like this again

Iím ready for tomorrow
Iím ready for the next
Iím ready for forever

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