Sarah's Stars

J.M. Steele. The Taker
Hyperion Books  $21.99  ISBN 0-7868-4930-4  350 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Carly Biels has the perfect life. Perfect boyfriend, seamless grades, great friends…so all in all, flawless. She is ready to go to Princeton College, just like everyone in her family before her. Living on the legacy was great! All she had to do was pass the SAT testing. Easy. She’d do just fine, she was sure. That's why when she finds that her marks sky-dived and the offer of a life-time is made to raise her SAT marks, she wonders whether or not to take the deal.

I thought that this novel was stereotypical. The way teenagers were portrayed might have been true in some ways, but otherwise, it was like reading a TV show script, and for a while I started to get very bored with the plot. However, when things finally started happening, the novel got interesting. Towards the end it was so much better, and it has a very interesting ending.  It’s totally unexpected!

I would recommend this book for people thirteen to sixteen years old. It isn’t exactly for all ages, considering its language content.

This reviewer gives The Taker four unexpected stars.


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