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Barbara Nichol. Tales of Don Quixote Book II
Tundra Books $24.99 ISBN 0-88776-744-3  208 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 12

This timeless tale of the charming “knight” Don Quixote is back once again, and retold by Barbara Nichol. At the end of Book 1, the brave Don Quixote has returned home after experiencing adventures with giant windmills and sheep. Don Quixote is a man who spent his life reading books of chivalry and knights. He loved to immerse himself in tales of trusty steeds, damsels in distress, vicious dragons and powerful wizards. He even sold his land to buy more books! Anyways, one day he decided to go have adventures like the ones in his books except everything he sees is not real. He charges headfirst into battle with a bloodthirsty army when really, it is just a herd of dusty sheep. The second book picks up where it left off and we’re off on some new adventure, but are Don Quixote’s days of adventure nearing the end?

I thought this book was incredible! The dialogue was witty and snappy; the plot was quirky and whipped along at an exciting pace. The zany adventures of the charming Don Quixote are laugh-out-loud and some of the scenes are very touching. I recommend this book to anyone!

Five out of five stars for Nichol’s retelling of the Tales of Don Quixote!


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