Sarah's Stars

Gary Paulson. The Tent
Harcourt  $7.95  ISBN 0-15-205833-8  88 pg.
Reviewed by Mathew, Age 12

When Stevenís father decides to become a tent preacher, Steven hates it. They are stealing from people who will accept almost anything; they want to believe. After the very first sermon, Steven is amazed to find that the few families that came managed to give quite a lot of money. Soon after, they meet Jamey and Davis, who seek employment by performing fake healings. Jamey can walk with a limp, and Davis can cough so horribly that it sounds very serious. Soon, Steven is making four or five hundred dollars a day. The only problem is the little voice in the back of his head; it keeps telling him it isn't right. Will they ever stop?

Gary Paulson wrote The Tent. In my mind, heís an awesome author who can create the characters that he needs which fill the part so well; they seem like they were always there. Although this is quite a short book, it is an extremely fulfilling and exciting tale.  Other books written by Gary Paulson are: Worksong, The Rifle, The Tortilla Factory, The Car, Sisters/Hermanas, Harris and Me: A Summer Remembered, and Puppies, Dogs and Blue Northers.

I would recommend this book for anyone who likes books that are based around religion, as well as anyone who likes a book that sort of makes fun of some things. If you enjoyed this book as much as I did, then I would strongly recommend reading the other books by Gary Paulson.

This reviewer gives The Tent four faithful stars.


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