Twilight Princess
Delana, Age 9, Haines City, FL

Once, in a village named Agrabah, lived a princess named "Twilight". Twilight was a young princess of sophistication, reading dictionaries, books about dragons, fairytales, and a lot of books you might have read today. Twilight was reading one of her books at the hour of twelve in the morning, it was a book about a fairytale called "Cinderella". As you may have known, the story Cinderella, is about a girl whose evil stepmother and stepsisters don't let her go to an important ball to get married to the prince, Prince Charming. Out comes Cinderella's fairy godmother and helps her go to the ball. Soon, the prince finds Cinderella and dances with her; nobody knows who the beautiful stranger is. When the clock strikes twelve, Cinderella runs away and the next day the prince finds her and they live happily ever after. Twilight put down her book and walked slowly over to her bedroom window. She felt the dirt on the edges on the window softly, so she wouldn't cut herself with the bricks of the castle's walls. Suddenly she heard a loud noise.

Twilight cocked her head out the window and she found a fearsome dragon roaming the village's grounds. She was very nervous and curious, so she looked harder at the fearsome beast. Finally, she saw what she was looking for. The fearsome beast had a collar around its neck, so it must be owned by someone. "Possibly, it's owned by the wizard on Agrabah Street," she thought. Twilight wanted to get a closer look, even though she wasn't really allowed. She slipped on her coat and slippers and ran down the halls, trying to be as quiet as a mouse.

Twilight came to the end of the halls and hurried down the curving staircase. She was at the first floor of the castle, panting as quietly as she could to pass the guards and slip through the gate. On her tiptoes, she walked over to the back of a pillar and hid behind it, and stared at the guards' faces to make sure they were fast asleep. When the time was right and she was sure enough they were asleep, Twilight slipped through the huge gate. She walked through the streets of Agrabah as fast as she could and as quietly as she could so she would not get the dragon's eyes fixed on her. All of a sudden, fire was blowing at a lamp post right beside her. She suspected it was the dragon's fire breath.

Twilight glared at the dragon's fearsome eyes. She reached for her emergency sword, so she would have a defense if the dragon wanted to eat her for breakfast. Twilight pointed her sword at the dragon and started spinning it, which was her favorite trick. She saw the scared look in the dragon's eyes, so she did more tricks so he would surrender. Finally, after spinning and spinning her sword, the dragon lay down on its back and waved its flag, to tell Twilight that he had surrendered. She bowed to show that it was a fair fight and took the collar from the dragon's neck. It said that the creature belonged to a man named "Samuel Piso, Agrabah Street, the first green house on the left side." She put the collar back on the dragon's huge neck and stood beside him. "Is your name Patrick?" She said with a smile. The dragon nodded in a friendly way, still letting her stand beside him. "I think I know you. Does Samuel Piso own a shop called 'The Mackon Jar'?" she asked. The dragon nodded again. "Is Samuel Piso your owner?" she asked the dragon. The dragon nodded one big nod. Twilight took the dragon's collar and walked him home.

"Patrick, may I call you Patrick?" Patrick nodded. They both walked  silently to the first green house on the left on Agrabah Street, and knocked on the front door. Finally, Samuel Piso came to the door, in his night clothes. "Oh! Princess Twilight, why are you here at my house so early?" he asked with a yawn. "Samuel, Patrick got out of his cage and was roaming around the village," she said, "And I had to round him up."

"Oh, I am so sorry Princess Twilight, it'll never happen again." he said waking up a little bit. "No no, it's fine, it was really my pleasure, and just call me Twilight," she said with a smile and gave Samuel a leash hooked up to Patrick. Finally, she walked off from the door and walked back to the castle.

Soon, she reached the castle and passed through the castle's gate very quietly so she wouldn't wake up the guards. She scurried up the curving staircase and passed through the never-ending halls, until she reached her bedroom. Twilight walked inside her bedroom and closed the door, took off her slippers and coat, and crawled inside her bed. Twilight had negative thoughts in her mind that night. She was thinking "What if my parents find out about tonight?" She had so many thoughts that were disturbing her, but she closed her eyes, hoping to fall asleep. Finally, she fell asleep.

The next morning, she opened the door and walked through the halls, down the curving staircase, until she reached the castle's dining room. "Mother? Father?" Twilight called out into the room, "Are you in here?"

 "Yes, Twilight dear." She heard two voices reply. It was her parents, the king and queen of Agrabah. Twilight took a seat at the long, fancy table with her parents. "So, Twilight," her father asked, "How was your sleep?" Twilight thought, "This is the end...", but soon she found her answer to the question and answered. "It was quite pleasing, father." she replied. "Very good!" he said.

After breakfast, Twilight had to do her part of her job of being a princess: plant more flowers to keep evil away from the village. She walked through the halls, down the curving staircase, and walked out into an empty patch of grass. She found some seeds and a watering can for her gardening. She got on her knees and started to dig a hole with her hands. She opened the package of seeds and popped them into a hole, one seed each for each hole. She covered the holes with dirt and watered them with the watering can. Since there was still some water left in the watering can, she put the extra water on her hands to clean them. Soon, she got up and brushed off the dirt on her knees, and walked into the village.

Twilight wanted to greet the people for the day to show them how happy she was that they lived in Agrabah. When she reached Agrabah Street, she decided to go to Samuel Piso's shop. Samuel was there crying. "Oh Twilight!" he sobbed, "I am going out of business!!" "Oh Mr.Piso..." she said as she patted him gently on the back, "I'll help you." "You will? I mean, usually the royal family doesn't help out." "We are a different royal family." Twilight said with a smile. She walked over to some bows and arrows. She picked up a bag of arrows and picked out a bow. "I would like to buy these Mr. Piso!" she said showing him the stuff and showing her offer of 10 golden coins. "I accept!" he said and took the coins. He and Twilight smiled and Twilight put the bow and arrow away in the pack on her back. She waved goodbye to Samuel and exited his shop with a big smile.

After greeting several villagers, she walked into the forest, hoping to find a clearing with a creek or a lagoon. She walked and walked deeper into the eerie forest. Finally she came to the place where there was a clearing with a beautiful lagoon. It was so clear, so shallow, so beautiful. Twilight took off her shoes and stepped into the water. She closed her eyes and breathed. After a while, she took off her coat and stepped even further into the water. Even though her dress was getting wet, it was peaceful enough and maybe she would have a good explanation to her parents about her dress getting wet. Twilight felt like swimming, so she started swimming, doing tricks like a mermaid. Suddenly, something popped up beside her.

"Ah!! Who and what are you?!" the creature asked. "I am Princess Twilight. I am the princess of the village of Agrabah. I am a human girl." Twilight replied with a laugh.

"Oh! That's really exciting! My name is Saragd. A mermaid explorer," Saragd said shaking Twilight's hand. They both smiled. "Twilight, I would like to show you something. Follow me please," Saragd said taking Twilight's hand and they took off swimming.

Soon, they reached a bay, outside the kingdom. "Where are we?" Twilight asked." We are in Cea Bay," Saragd replied letting go of her hand. Twilight saw a bunch of flowers and grass, making the bay a little secret. "Saragd, I think I should return to my castle," Twilight said. Saragd nodded and led Twilight back to the lagoon. Twilight stepped out of the water waving goodbye and ran off back into the village.

Twilight ran and ran until she came to the castle gate. She slipped through the gate, leaving little droplets of water that dripped off from her wet dress. When Twilight reached her bedroom, she ran inside it and slammed the door. She looked into her closet and got out a dry dress and put it on. Soon, she jumped out from her bedroom and ran into the dining room for dinner.

Later on her parents knocked on the door and came inside. They both took a seat beside Twilight on her bed. "Twilight dear, " her mother said, " we have to send you on a quest to a kingdom called 'Saphire '." And then they left her room with sad faces. Twilight got into some pants, a ragged shirt, and some boots. She gathered up her sword, shield, and her bow and arrows. Finally, she untied her hair, letting it sit on her shoulders.

Twilight found a rope and she got an idea. She tied it onto the edge of her bed and threw the untied half down the open part of her window. Then, she stood on the edge of the window, held onto the rope, and jumped out. Twilight's hair was flying all around her, and yet, it was a beautiful sight. When she reached the ground, she let go of the rope and started running to the lagoon she had found that afternoon. When she reached the edge of the water, she yelled "Saragd! Where are you? I need you to show me the way to the back outside my kingdom!" Soon, Saragd appeared and took Twilight's hand. After swimming for a long time, they reached the bay. Saragd gave her a magic shell, able to freeze anything when you are in danger.

Twilight ran through the forest of a village called "Orego". She came to a rock and sat down to rest. Suddenly, a few creatures popped out in front of Twilight. She got out her sword, ready for her defense if they tried to attack her. Finally, one creature struck at her, but Twilight slashed him with her sword, and there he lay, dead on the uncomfortable ground of a forest with blood dripping everywhere from his arm and chest. Then the other strange creatures attacked Twilight. They had nasty, yellow teeth that looked like the creatures died one century ago. They were skinny, boney creatures that were green, with dirty fingernails, so disgusting that you would be dead from throwing up in seconds. But Twilight was too fast for them. She slashed three of them, and there they lay on the ground dead, except for one. It pushed her down with a hard - Thump!- Twilight was shaking from all the commotion. She thought, that maybe her back was broken, but it wasn't, thank goodness. She slapped the creature in the face and got up. Then when the creature turned around, she stabbed him with her sword. The fight was over and she had won.

After that fight, Twilight walked into the village headquarters and walked up to the first house she saw. When she reached the door, she knocked on it. An old woman opened the door surprised. "Who are you?" the old woman asked. "I am Princess Twilight, the princess of Agrabah," Twilight said. "Perhaps do you have a map or something that may help me on my journey over to the kingdom of Saphire?" she asked. "Let me see.." the old woman said as she went back into her house searching for something to help Twilight. After a few minutes, the old woman returned with a sheet of paper in her hand. "I do have this map," she said, as she handed Twilight the map.

She reached the kingdom and asked for directions to the evil ruler who was about to leave to come to Twilight's kingdom to destroy it and its people. Twilight walked up to a black castle, with pitch black windows. The castle had scary statues going all around it. Also, it had a gate with weeds circling it. Slowly, she walked up to it and slipped through the gate. She stepped up the stairs and quietly slipped inside the castle. She walked up the even longer stairs until she reached the top floor, where she suspected the villain was hiding out. Finally, she saw the evil villain. Twilight got her weapons ready for the fearsome fight. Finally, the villain turned around and glared at her with an even bigger sword. Twilight blocked him with her sword and she pushed him while holding his sword off. Soon, she kicked him and stole his sword. She held it in her other hand. But, the villain still had another defense, his magic. "Doiey! Doiey! Mixy Do!!" he yelled and waved his hands at Twilight. The magic came after her and lifted her into the air making her only defense, just using her body. Soon, the magic dropped her and she fell on her bottom with a thud. The villain stepped closer to her and lifted her up by the collar of her shirt. He held his sword right next to her next and whispered, "This is your last chance Twilight. It's either help me destroy your kingdom or die." Of course, Twilight would never turn against her kingdom, so instead she kicked him in the wrong area, leaving him on the floor unconscious. Twilight pushed him to the edge of the window and set her foot on his chest so he wouldn't run away. She lifted him up and threw him out the window.

Twilight ran off from the kingdom until she reached the village Orego. She returned the map to the old woman thanking her and then ran off back to the bay, where Saragd had taken her to get to Orego. Then she dived into the water and started swimming. While she was swimming, she ran into a shark. Surprised and scared, Twilight came up from the water and looked for her sword and arrows. They were lost. So she looked for her second defense, the magic shell Saragd had given her to freeze anything. When she found it, she tapped it and pointed it at the shark and continued her journey back home.

When she reached the lagoon, she walked out of the water and walked back to her castle. She slipped through the gate and the door, ran up the curving stairs, and ran down the halls until she reached her parents' bedroom. "Mother! Father! I have defeated the evil ruler! I finished my quest!" she yelled. She walked over to her parents' bed and sat down beside them. They all had tears in their eyes. "We were so afraid, Twilight," her parents said, "we thought you would never come back." Twilight hugged her parents, crying. That night, the royal family spent the whole night together and they had a big dinner. She told about Samuel Piso's dragon, Patrick, getting out of its cage at twelve in the morning and how she went after it and returned it to Samuel. She told about Saragd, the mermaid she met when she went swimming in the lagoon. She told about all the nice people she had helped and who had helped her.

After these days, the royal family was so cheerful, more people moved into the kingdom. Samuel Piso didn't go out of business, Saragd turned into a human because of a wizard's help, and the kind old woman opened up a nice little shop that has everything you could possibly need for your dreams, and your adventures. Everyone was happy. Oh of course! They all lived happily ever after!

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