What Is Love?
Hailey, Age 12, Chilliwack, BC

What is love?
But a graceful and skillful hand
Coming up under you
Taking you hostage in the skies
For a wonderfully thrilling ride?

You cannot jump off
For fear of crashing back to a harsh reality
An untimely and unfortunate death
And then there’s the unwilling
Being pushed and shoved, poked and prodded
All along the way
The ride ending too quickly
Not having enough time to enjoy it properly

There’s the lovers who ride alone
For a hectic and solitary go-at-it
With no one to consult
For the tiresome gripping journey
Of one way love

There’s the long harsh landing where both
Fall off the magic carpet
Or when you’re simply pushed off to a crazy and scary plummet
Away from the life you’ve known
Or suddenly realizing your partner has left
And that’s when the ride stops
Your carpet lands
You’re forced off
In an unkind land

There’s also marriage
Forever swooping
And going along the unmarked skies
With a love to cradle by your side
As the ride drifts on…

Misery and Enchantment
There he goes
Tension love and confusion
Slithering darkly
Behind him
Around him
Leaving no trail but of
Abashed and bewildered
Deranged and pitiful masses of persons

His face is a depressingly accurate
Real life 3-D model of his emotions and
Extremely uneventful being
His face a map of his history

His gloomy downcast shadowing down upon me
As he lives forever mourning his wistful
Existence without the girl he truly loves

The girl must be enchanted
With her careful stroking touch
Her sickeningly sweet poison
Sweeps across the land and seeps slowly into anything
With her stunning charm and wit
She reminds him vividly of the gorgeous breathing sun
Beating down so morbidly upon he

But is the girl a wicked creature?
Bound to the gates of hell by her actions?
Is she an evil lass?
An unfortunate wretch?
A bitter heartless witch
Casting spells with perverse fascination?
She’s a classless soul wondering mercilessly

To another girl
She is everything just described
For she loves the gloomy boy
Who is always jutting out his lip
Again and again
Proving he’s a juvenile child
Constantly distressing
The poor plainness
Undiscovered prettily faced girl
Who might be the only girl
To truly
Yearn for his affection
Juggling her heart in a petty game
Of whom his affection will be awarded to

Oh this boy
Will never begin to comprehend
Just how much
This foolish girl wants him
While he strives
For the heart wrenching lonely soul
With the remarkable face
Who will die the landlord of his heart

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