Sarah's Stars

Mark Ellis. Words
Oolichan Books  $19.95  ISBN  0-88982-227-1  40 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah, Age 16

“They just move and I can’t keep them in place,” the child said.  “So I don’t want to read.”

Words is a story about dyslexia, or difficulty reading and writing at school.  The little girl doesn’t feel comfortable with the other children because they can read.  She doesn’t know how the friendly old man can help.  How can he possibly understand?  The words dance when she wants them to stand still, but once she can make them stand still, will she be able to make them dance?

I thought that Words was a wonderful book.  The pictures are amazing, a mixture of acrylics and graphics software. They are well placed with the text and really add a modern artistic flare.  There is plenty going on for little eyes to look at while they are being read to, and the text is in a big, clear font if they are reading for themselves.  I think that this book is suitable for children between the ages of four and eight.

The picture book Words is worthy of five dancing stars.


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