The Big Decision
Brittany, Age 13, Easton, CT

Dear Aunt Maria,

I would like to tell you my experience in moving to California from here in Easton. First I realized that big decisions are hard, and are never wanted! People make decisions every day but not big one like this one. For example, it all started one sunny day and mom got her phone call saying she could get a new job in California. But we had never thought about moving because we loved it here in Easton and we didn’t want to give up our friends and family that live so close to us. This was a big decision.

The next day mom came to me and she said to me that she talked it over with dad and they decided that they want to make me make to decision. Now, she has worked hard for the job and this is all she ever wanted. She also said that she wants to go and move to California, but I really did not want to at all. Yet, all I could think was my mom worked too hard for this opportunity and I know she wants me to say yes so we can go to California. Which means for me is I have to quit everything I have ever started and never see any of my friends anymore.

I went to school the day after and talked about it with my friends. They said I should definitely not move otherwise it wouldn’t be the same without me. I had no clue what to do and I had a great thing go on here in my school. Three days later it was my final decision and I said it is time for me to go and since my mom worked too hard for this I am going to do it for my mom. This may be one thing I may regret.

It has been a month now and everything is all stored away we are ready to move. It was a 6 hour flight, and it was hard to survive. Once we got there we had to take another 1 and a half hour drive to the house. It was early in the morning and we just right away unpacked everything from the trucks. It was crazy. It took us hours till we were done even though we did have a ton of people to help us.

Now my mom has a great job that she loves and that pays a lot and I have new friend and everything is going well. I even keep in touch with my other friends back in Easton, Ct. Maybe you should fly down here from Canada and come visit us the house is beautiful, and I know you will love it. Well, that is what happened when we moved, it all wasn’t that bad.



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