Raining Candy
Pedro, Age 10, Portland, OR

Have  you  ever  wished that it rained candy? Well it did. I was playing outside with my friend when it happened. I gazed up into the sky. There were little Hershey's falling on top of my house. Me and my friend went into my house. We ran up to my room. My room was as brown as mud. I was mad as a grumpy crab. I was also happy because there were Hershey's in my room.

I wondered why did it rain candy? Me and my friend dashed outside to find out what was going on. We saw crazy kids marching down the street with shiny Hershey's in their hands. Even the dogs were crazy. We saw a house with lots of Jolly Rancher, Hershey's, and kisses.

So we went inside the house. Then came a penguin with red and green dots. He had a big candy cane. We saw a machine. We didnít  know what to do. We looked back and the penguin was gone. We went outside to look for him.

We took the machine with us. It started to rain candy again. It was hard to run because the candy was hitting our heads. We saw a tree with a code. The machine had the same code, too. So we put the code in the machine. Then it stop raining candy. We never found the penguin. Who knows where the penguin went.

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