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Cynthia Kadohata. Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam
Atheneum Books  $19.99  ISBN 978-1-4169-0637-7  314 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 13

Cynthia Kadohata is an amazing author.  Her books are descriptive and full of adventure.   It is so easy to read her books because her writing flows so well.  Apart from Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam she has written the Newbery Medal winner Kira-Kira as well as Weedflower.  Having read all three, I strongly recommend them to readers 12 years and up.

Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam is a story about Cracker, a German shepherd, whom is enlisted in the army. Then there is Rick Hanski who wants to whip the world and prove to everyone who didnít think he was cut out for war wrong.  When these two get paired up together, life at war begins.  Cracker decides that she doesnít like Rick and Rickís sergeant decides heís hopeless, as he canít even train a dog.  After much testing of each other and long talks the pair become friends.  Soon they are the most requested canine team known for their teamwork and understanding of each other.  One thing is certain, their dedication to one another is unbreakable; tested many times but it still holds strong.  Will they both make it home alive?  Or will they lay to rest in the war torn countryside of Vietnam?

Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam deserves 5 unbreakable stars.


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