The Day It Rained Candy
Donovan, Age 10, Portland, OR

Tiks! Tik! Tik! Loud pellet-like sounds hit my roof with powerful force. Then out of nowhere, pow!!

Something hit my roof that felt like a giant balling ball.

Ahhh! My sister was screaming as loud as she could after she opened the door.

Finally she stopped. Then screamed “CANDY” and zoomed right outside . Finally she’s gone. My ears were ringing from how loud she screamed but why did she say candy?

I looked outside and saw piles of skittles and rivers of jolly ranchers! It was raining candy!

I went upstairs and woke mom and dad and screamed IT'S RAINING CANDY!!! They jumped out of bed and opened the curtains but we saw nothing. The candy disappeared. My parents thought it was just a dream.

I went down the stairs and opened the front door and saw candy again! But this time I went out of the house and felt it and ate it.  It was wonderful!  It tasted like sugary strawberries, blueberries, and cherries. Then I remembered that something hit my house, so I looked back at my house and saw a machine that was spraying out candy up in the air!

Out of nowhere, pow, it exploded! It made too much candy and exploded! And all the candy melted and I was sad.

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