Sarah's Stars

Sharon Siamon. Gallop to the Sea
Walrus Books  $8.95  ISBN 978-1-55285-713-7  168 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 13

The well-known author of the Mustang Mountain series, Sharon Siamon, has once again created a good read. Gallop to the Sea is the first instalment, and which looks to be a promising series from Saddle Island. This well-written book is full of adventure, and can be enjoyed by many.

Gallop to the Sea is about two girls, Kelsie and Jen, as well as one very talented horse, Caspar. This book takes place in windy Nova Scotia. The girls become friends through Caspar, one very talented escape artist. This happens to be a major problem as his owner is sick of having to chase after him constantly and has him slated for auction. Kelsie decides that with the help of Jen and a few others she will swim him out to Saddle Island. It just so happens that this island belongs to Kelsie’s family and holds many mysteries itself. Will they solve some of these mysteries before it is to late?

This reviewer gives Gallop to the Sea three promising stars.


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