Sarah's Stars

Edith Pattou. Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden
Harcourt $12.95  ISBN 978-0-15-205802-9  30 pg.
Reviewed by Kaelyn, Age 11

Some of the plants grow quickly, pushing upward, eager, impatient.
Some grow more slowly, unfolding themselves bit by bit.
Some plants sprout thin and tall.
Some are bushy and wide spreading.
Some are bold, showy.
They are brightly colored, saying “look at me!”
Some are silvery and quiet, the color of earth.

Edith Pattou introduces to us a teacher named Mrs. Spitzer; a teacher that once a year receives a packet of seeds that she plants, waters, and cares for, much like a good teacher would look after her class. This book is beautifully illustrated with bright watercolours throughout this short but extra sweet story.

I would recommend this story for all pre-school and up children, though you probably have to be a little older to really understand the connection between Mrs. Spitzer’s garden and her class. An enjoyable read for all ages!

This reviewer gives Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden four blossoming stars.


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