Sarah's Stars

Bruce Swanson.  Gray Wolf’s Search
Second Story Press  $18.95  ISBN 0-9779183-1-9  24 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Gray Wolf must search for a very important person, and must get to know this person well. This proves to be a very difficult task, as Gray Wolf spends days searching the forest and his home for that one person.

I knew that this picture book would have amazing illustrations, just from looking at the cover. Illustrator Gary Peterson shows his love for the Pacific Northwest and nature. The book is remarkably drawn, and accurately portrays Swanson’s plot. The storyline is easy to read, has a good message and should be shared by the whole family. The pictures are gorgeous and I loved how much detail the illustrator puts into each page, but together with the author’s story about a young boy growing up in the Wolf Clan, this book is perfection.

This reviewer gives Gray Wolf’s Search, a First Nations Series for Young Readers, five wise stars. An enjoyable read!


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