Alexis, Age 12, Easton, CT

The grass is green,
The sky is blue.
The waves are hard,
Life is too.

Whether we try hard or slack,
Karma will come around and strike back.
For those whose lives are superstitious,
You need to pass that and be ambitious.

Live your life the way you want to,
Donít be anyone else besides you.
People who donít will regret it,
And wonít be liking it one bit.

Life is like a flower,
It blooms and grows,
Until youíre an adult long after.
It may come across trouble,
Whether the sunlight is doubled,
But life will keep rising until it fades.

As tough as it is to go through life,
Just remember that you have family that care,
And that whatever you do theyíre there.
Because they have you and you have them,
That shouldnít be hard to decipher.

Life is the thing that we all live,
We all sacrifice for,
The thing that everyone dreams for.

Everyday a new life is born.
Everyday an old life is torn.
Sad to see things go,
But whatever it is we know,
That we canít do anything about it.
And that everything happens for a reason.

The cycle of life,
A true thing about us,
From when we are born to when we have done our work
In the essence of time, we will enjoy life,
Even long after when we have lived,
It was indeed the life that we used to be.

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