The Magic Ball
Yuliya, Age 9, Portland, OR

On the second day of the year my parents took me and my sister, Yana, to the most boring place in the world: the ocean! Yana and I were bored out of our brains! Well, later on we got out of the car and walked around. SQUEAK! I looked down at my feet and saw a red, blue, green, and purple ball. I picked it up and said " I wish something would happen!" The moment I had said that a giant wave covered my body and an octopus stuck to my face. I pulled it off and realized it must be magic.

I thought about what wishes I wanted. But I stopped because I noticed a little yellow and orange square that said “30 wishes to go.” I figured that I should be careful with my wishes or else I’d use them all up. I knew I already used up one wish so, maybe instead of wasting the wishes for myself I should use them for my family.

I called for my mom and told her everything but she didn’t believe me. Just as I was walking away my mom wished for a new car. Then POOF! The car she always wanted was right there! Then I only had 29 wishes left. I asked my mom if she was going to drive it. So my whole family piled in and we drove home.

My dad called all of us in for a family meeting about the magic ball. He said to put the ball in the middle. My dad suddenly couldn’t help himself and wished for a truck! POOF! I had 28 wishes to go. “ I wish I could fly!” Yana squealed. She jumped from the couch and zoomed through the house. 27 wishes left.

The next day at school I helped all my friends get their wishes. When I got to my classroom my teacher wished she could open our heads and put everything we needed to know inside. POP! All of the kid’s heads opened and she did exactly what she wished for. At the end of the day there were no more wishes left. But suddenly I dropped the ball and it broke but there was a new ball with 100 wishes! Now my family could have all the wishes we wanted.

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