Middle School
Briana, Age 11, Sarasota, FL

It was the first day of school. I walked up to the double doors, opened them and walked into a building named McIntosh Middle School that looked to be the size of a city! When I entered, I saw the hallway flooded with other 6th, 7th, and 8th graders ready for their first day of school. I felt so nervous trying to find my way to class! I thought to myself, “Will I make any new friends this year?”

I got to my first encore class and I stopped cold in my tracks. My jaw dropped open, and one hundred little eyeballs were staring at me. On top of that, I was in chorus and I HATED my singing voice, especially in front of a bunch of people I had never seen before! When I opened my mouth to sing an F-sharp, a B-sharp came out of my voice box. I felt so embarrassed! I just couldn’t wait to get out of that crowded place. Finally, I was in P.E. and I was sitting in the bleachers with some of my friends from last year. We learned the objectives and rules for physical education. Then came the brutal part:  we had to run the track in the freezing cold! And of course, the bad luck came pouring on me then. I tripped, stumbled and fell, and there were the hundreds of evil eyes staring straight back at me again! I went to the clinic, got cleaned up, and I was out of there.

I made it to my social studies class, but it was the part when I walked in the door that stunk. My teacher put me in a group with three other “cool kids” named Scott, Juan and Ryan.

Let me tell you something, they talked about the weirdest and nastiest stuff the whole period. It was time for lunch, “Oh no!” I exclaimed. The pizza was as hard as wood and the chocolate milk was stale to go along with it. I got the last seat at the table, which was next to Chris, the boy of my dreams! It was so awesome just staring into his eyes and smelling his cologne. I think that time was the most fun I’d ever had sitting next to a boy!

Next, it was time to break out the numbers and operation signs because here came the “Math Magician.” I loved math in fifth grade, but for whatever reason, my brain was not cooperating with me at all! So, when I raised my hand to give an answer, I got it wrong. My cheeks turned as red as cherries. I felt really bummed the rest of pre-algebra, but little did I know, I was about to make my most awesome friend in my whole life.

It was time to put my language arts skills to the test. I went into Ms. J’s class and I was all cool just sitting there by myself, but Ms. J moved me up a row so that my partner would be Lisa. She looked quite nice, but that could have just been her looks. I wasn’t going to let her fool me!  I complemented her by saying, “Your handwriting is very nice.”

“Wow, you’re about the fiftieth person that said that today!” Lisa responded. To finish up the class period, we played that game called three truths and two lies. Lisa guessed all of mine incorrect and I guessed everything about her correct. We both laughed together after we finished playing our game. Then, we talked until L.A. was completely over. We made jokes, gave each other our phone numbers, and had so much fun! Ms. J said that we should work together more often because we were so well behaved and didn’t goof off in the middle of the lesson. We didn’t interrupt her while she was talking either. We took out our hot pink pens and made a contract that we both signed, saying that we could never fight. If we ever did, all of our memories of the other person would go up in flames.

We went bowling together, skated together, and hung out all the time. Whenever we needed cheering up, we were there for each other. Lisa always had the best jokes and a great sense of humor. We were practically sisters; we were together all the time. Some advice from me to you, “Treat people the way you want to be treated, it’s a great way of making friends!”

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