It Never Rains in San Diego
Kyle, Age 13, San Diego, CA

It was another school day in sunny San Diego, except for the fact that there wasn’t a single patch of blue in the sky. When I arrived at school, I got off the bus and headed for my class. It was drizzling. I stopped to hang out with my friends on the way. We talked for awhile. But then out of the blue, even though there wasn’t any blue in sight, it started pouring rain. We were a ways away from any shelter so we started to run. The rain felt like a thousand knives stabbing us. Then it hailed down on us. We ran as fast as we could. SLIP. One of my friends slipped on the slippery ground. We only hesitated a second before we left him behind and kept on running. When I looked at the ground I saw that the hail was getting bigger and bigger.

We were only a few meters away before I was the one that slipped. BANG. I got up slowly. Then it started hailing golf balls. I saw my other friend, who had slipped before me, come up from behind and drag me to the shelter of our class. He was nicer than me because he didn’t leave me behind. We were drenched and so was my backpack. Fortunately, we were still alive. Unfortunately, my homework was ruined. I spent hours trying to finish that two-paragraph essay. And now it was destroyed. Then over the intercom, I heard my principal say, “Kids please go to your classroom due to intense rain, thank you.” At that exact moment, the rain went away, just as fast as it came. Everyone laughed out loud. And when I gave my report to my teacher, she said that she would excuse me from the assignment because she saw the paragraphs and saw that they were drenched from the rain. So maybe it does rain in San Diego!

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