Heather, Age 16, Reno, NV

It was a warm summer day, and I was on my way to Reno High to meet with the varsity summer league team. My brother took me to the school in his car, which is as loud as an earthquake.  When he dropped me off, I was left waiting in the scorching sun for everyone else to arrive.  Finally, Morgan pulled up in her dad’s car and I got in relieved with the air conditioning. After everyone had arrived, we left for Oakridge, California.

In Morgan’s car, Morgan’s dad, Morgan, Lauren, and I began the long and boring drive to Oakridge. Since Morgan’s dad was in the car we didn’t do much, but sleep and listen to our ipods. Finally, we arrived at the hotel in California, and nobody was there except us.  So, Morgan’s dad got out of the car and went inside the hotel to look for somebody.  In the car Morgan brought up the subject of nicknames; she said, “Heather does Marquis have a nickname?”  I told Morgan no, but she insisted that he should have a nickname that I call him.  This is how the weekend started, with Morgan’s mind erupting like a volcano.

Finally, all of the other girls showed up at the hotel, and we all went in to get our room keys.  All of the upper classmen took one room, while we freshmen took the other room.  When Morgan, Lauren, Abby and I got into our room, it was a scramble to not share the same bed with Abby because she is as tall as a light pole.  Morgan and I scrambled to the opposite bed where Abby wasn’t, which left Lauren feeling extremely cramped.  After settling down in our rooms, all the girls left for the first game.

After we won our game, the upper class girls wanted to go to get something to eat, so we went to a little Italian restaurant.  At dinner Morgan, Lauren, and I sat together talking to ourselves, while the other girls tried to get us to talk to them, which is like trying to make a mime talk.  The girls asked us what we were going to eat, and of course Lauren, Morgan, and I said, “Spaghetti”.  The girls acted as if they weren’t surprised and  from then on they called us the three musketeers.  It was Lindsey’s, one of the older girls birthday, so they got a birthday ice cream.  The older girls swarmed us like a family of crazy, provoked bees.  Morgan, Lauren, and I turned the offer of ice cream down, knowing that by doing so the girls were thinking that we didn’t like them, but that wasn’t true; we were just extremely intimidated and we had a strong brick wall in front of us.  Finally, the dinner was over and my two musketeers and I felt like we had finally escaped the battle zone, and were on our way to our camp.

When we arrived at the hotel, we went to our room, and the first thing we did was call for room service.  Since we were too shy to eat the ice cream that was offered to us we ordered our own.  Lauren and I had ice cream, while Morgan had cheese cake. Our room service came and we sneakily ate the ice cream like little mice stealing a piece of cheese from the mouse trap.  After we finished eating, we had to decide how we were going to get rid of the tray, because we didn’t want Coach Foster to see it in front of our door.  So, after coming together like a puzzle, we solved our problem.  We snuck down the hallway to the older girls’ room and placed the ice cream tray in front of the girls’ room and ran back like someone was chasing us.

Shortly after, Abby came back into the room, but she didn’t say anything about the ice cream tray.  Abby and Lauren went to bed, leaving Morgan and me awake on our bed.  Almost like they were hypnotized, Morgan’s boyfriend, and Marquis my boyfriend called at the same time.  When Morgan’s phone vibrated, the caller id came up as ‘God’, and this brought up Morgan saying that Marquis should have a nickname.  It was like a boulder fell on top of me; I couldn’t even focus on giving Marquis a nickname because I wanted to know why Morgan called Morgan, ‘God’.  Since it’s to embarrassing, I’ll just say it’s a long story.  Morgan was like a bottle whose cap had just popped off.  Her mind went spinning with all the names you could think of.  I didn’t tell her, but they were all as bad as ‘God’.  Finally, my mind was going to explode so I let her pick one.  Just then she shouted, “Kiki”.  I agreed, but I told her that I’m not going to call him that to his face, and she shouldn’t either.  When they called, we decided to go in the bathroom, so we wouldn’t wake up Lauren and Abby.  Our conversations were fine, except the fact that Morgan was on the toilet, and I was crammed to the wall!  In the middle of talking to Marquis, my phone was dying, so I had to get my phone charger.  I asked Morgan to hold my phone while I got the phone charger.  As soon as I got out of the bathroom, Morgan was like a little kid; as soon as someone tells you not to do something she did it.  All I heard was Morgan saying, “Hi Kiki, how are you?”  I almost fell on top of Lauren and Abby with shock. I went back in the bathroom, and got back on the phone and it’s a good thing: Marquis acted as deer caught in head lights, he didn’t know what Morgan was talking about.

The next morning, the girls found out about Morgan calling Morgan, ‘God’.  We left to finish our games.  At the end of the tournament we went to the championship game, but lost.  On the way home, we told Lauren what happened, and she fell over laughing.  From now on Morgan refers to Marquis as Kiki, and Marquis has got a clue now and knows his nickname is ‘Kiki’.

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