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Jamie Lee Curtis. Is There Really a Human Race?
Joanna Cotler  $19.99  ISBN 978-0-06-075346-7  30 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah, Age 16

Is there really a human race?
Is it going on now all over the place?

Do some of us win?  Do some of us lose?
Is winning or losing something I choose?

Who said, “Ready, Set, GO”?

This is a very entertaining book, using a play on the word race.  Throughout the book, race is used in its primary dictionary form - a contest of speed and ability.  Sitting on a park bench one day, Tom begins to wonder about the human race, and he asks his mother just about every question he can think of, in the context of the human race being a contest.  This results in a comical string of questions amusingly linked together in a clever rhyme scheme.

Is There Really a Human Race? is a wonderful poem, easy to read, but with meaningful depth.  Laura Cornell’s illustrations are bold and bright and fit perfectly with the text.  The cover illustration is colorful with a clear view of the title and author.  My favourite part is the back cover, with pictures of the author and illustrator.  The pictures are fun and imaginative and the layout is eye-catching.  Both endpapers are fun as well as informative and the whole book has an overall upbeat rhythm and feeling.

I think that Is There Really a Human Race? is a book for children five to eight years old, but the recommendation on the endpaper is all ages.  Older people reading it to younger generations will definitely enjoy it as well.

This reviewer gives Is There Really a Human Race? five deserving stars.


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