It Doesn't Make Sense
Sofia, Age 11, Basque Country, Spain

             It doesn't make sense. It just doesn't!
             About twenty years ago this stuff didn't happen, I bet.
              If a kid wanted to play
                   she would just say
                       If a boy wanted to join a game
                           he wouldn't stare and stay in pain.
                             He would ask and hope
                               to sing or use a skipping-rope
                                  with his friends, and that is how it ends.
                                  But now to be with the cool people
                                you have to climb the church's steeple.
                              Your so-called friends can kick you out
                           If they don't want you to stick your snout
                         in things they think you shouldn't know.
                       Being ten or more they push you away,
                     in less than you can say: "oh oh"
                      This hasn't happened to me.
                        Very happy I'm meant to be!
                          But it did happen to a friendly girl
                            a special friend in this strange world.
                               She got kicked out two days ago
                                 and at recess stayed alone.
                                   But I went to comfort her
                                     she's been my friend for more than a year.
                                       I shall never ever abandon my loved ones!
                                         'Cos I love them tons and tons!!!!

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