Sarah's Stars

Troon Harrison. Tales of Terre: The Separated
Brown Barn Books  $16.95  ISBN 978-097681261-6  353 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah, Age 16

Before her time, Vita has been burdened with the task of keeper. She must reach inside herself for the courage and strength to face this charge, and keep the ancient magic within her family. She is handling her responsibilities well, but her mind wanders to the plains and cities beyond her small village. Silently, secretly, Vita wishes for riches, fine silks, jewels and noble company.

Giovanni is a Pirati boy, born and raised on the sea as much as in it.  Giovanni can talk to the dolphins - a rare gift among his people. Much to the rest of the Pirati's dismay, however, he lacks their lust for gold and money. He wishes there were a way he could keep his honorable morals and still please the greed-filled hearts of his friends and family.

Marina is lonely. She is always alone or lonely. Sea witches are not creatures. She is the daughter of the Sea Witch, but she canít perform even the simplest spells and longs for company. She cannot understand what could possibly be wrong with her and feels like a failure.

In Tales of Terre: The Separated three teens are forced together by circumstances beyond their control. They must battle evil greater than anyone has ever imagined and more powerful than some of the ancient magic itself. This may seem a hopeless task, and what may prove most difficult could be that which should be simplest.

I thought that The Separated was an excellent fantasy novel. Troon Harrison has created an amazing world of magic and mystery. The characters are fantastic and although it takes some time to fully understand the whole world and how different it is from our own, it is wonderful once you do.

This reviewer gives The Separated five greedy stars.


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