Spoink and the Fairy
Camille, Age 9, Portland, OR

Earlier, in the 1800's talking animals ruled the world. There was a 5 year old pig that was very puny, very pink, and very spoiled. Her name was Spoink. She would always get stuff like make-up, toys, books, clothes, crayons, and even REAL cars!

She didn’t like being puny, pink, nor being a pig (but she really loved being spoiled), so she yelled to her parents “I don’t want to be a puny, pink, pig!!” But her parents would say “You’re never going to change.”

Spoink was very upset so she would go down to the dark and gloomy forest to calm down. There, she spotted a fairy. A dark, shadowy, evil fairy. The fairy whispered “You only have four wishes, but be careful what you wish for..”

Surprised and excited, Spoink took out a twenty-foot list that was filled with her wishes. The fairy almost fainted seeing the list. “Remember, you only get FOUR wishes.” exclaimed the fairy with a bit of anger.

“Awww... Okay” said Spoink sadly as she carefully put the list back into her purse. “My first wish is to be as big as a hippo!” yelled Spoink. The fairy spun wildly. Glitters flew all over the place, like it was raining.

But instead of getting bigger, Spoink turned into an actual hippo! But she didn’t notice it because she was too excited. “My second wish is to have a tail like a mermaid.” said the fat, ugly hippo that used to be cute and small. Again, the fairy spun around. The glitters made the dark forest seem alive.

Instead of having a tail, she got scales. Fish scales. She got even uglier than before. She didn’t notice it either. “For my next wish, I wish I was purple. Actually, I’d like any color except for pink. I'm sick and tired of pink.” The fairy said nothing. She spun again, blah, blah, blah.

Spoink turned rainbow colored. Different colored stripes ran down her bulgy body. “I can't wait to show myself to my parents! I will prove them that I CAN change!” boomed Spoink.

“For my last wish, I want to be a Hollywood star!” The fairy spun around one last time, but nothing changed. The fairy vanished.  “Well, I guess I have to BE at Hollywood first! Hahaha!” She pulled out a gigantic mirror and looked to see what she looked like. She screamed. A huge echoing noise boomed. Anyone in the forest could have easily heard it. She cried, terrified and scared of her ugliness.

She walked toward her home slowly.. imagining the terrible things her parents are going to do when they saw her. When she finally arrived, she knocked on the huge front door of their family mansion. The door opened slowly. As it opened, her parents walked out to greet their daughter.

Instead, they screamed and said “What in the world?! Who and what are you?!” Spoink replied, shocked. “I’m your daughter, Spoink..” The two parents gasped. “You’re not our daughter!” They grabbed a broomstick and chased her out of the house.

“Fine!” Spoink said. “Be that way! I’ll go to Hollywood where I’ll be loved! And to Hollywood she went. But when she got there, the president of the place screamed in horror. “Get out of here! We don’t accept ugly people like... Whatever you are!” He called the guards to kick her out of the place. In a couple of seconds, two big bulky figures arrived and dragged her out of Hollywood.

Spoink lived happily never after.

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