The ? or !
Jake, Age 11, Springfield, IL

Once upon a time there was a girl named ?. Her dad was a weird one. After all he named her ? because he didn't know what to call her. In a city called Gung Springs there was a girl named !. Her dad was the same way. One day both fathers needed more food for the family. So they sent ! and ? on a short journey to the Castle where the King and Queen lived.

When they got there they bumped into each other. They said in unison, "Watch where you're going!"

"Who are you?" ? asked.

"My name is !." ! said. "I  was sent here to get food for our family."

? said excitedly, "Me too, I was going to the Red Green Apple to buy 10 stocks of corn. Also 15 barrels of yummy rice."

So they left with the food and ate happily ever after!

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