Something in the Sky
Bobby, Age 9, Boyd, WI

It was the year 3001. Mike Potter was outside. The time was 2:00. Mike should have been in school, but he skipped today.

Then, suddenly, the ground shook. He stood up, dust flying to the ground. Mike had been trying, but not succeeding, to dig to China. He wanted to learn Chinese.

He looked up and saw a huge chunk of metal come over the horizon. it was glowing and shimmering. He ran to the nearest store and bought glasses because he didn't believe his eyes.

But IT was still there. He ran into his house.

"What is it?" his mother asked.

"A big huge hunk of metal."

"I don't believe it.

"It's true!"

"Lemmie see!"

But it was gone. It was never seen again.

And no one ever believed Mike Potter.

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