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Melissa De La Cruz. Angels on Sunset Boulevard
Simon & Schuster Books $19.99  ISBN 978-1-4169-2767-9  240 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

TAP is a website, built for people to chat online, to post pictures and to read about others. It is growing more and more popular every day and it seems to be the only way to communicate. The website hosts parties in different locations every other weekend, and they are said to be wild. Only the people who are invited get to see what the real party is about - The Angels Practice. No one will tell what happens behind closed doors at those parties. The plot thickens when teenagers all around Los Angeles suddenly go missing. Taj and Nick are two teenagers that find this strange, and the two of them get themselves in way too deep.

This novel is very creative. It throws out ideas that have never really been considered by others. The story is a constant mystery, and leaves you hanging by a thread. What troubled me is that the characters were just too perfect: ideal looks, money and personalities, rich teenagers prancing around with dozens of hundred dollar bills in their pockets. This just isnít what real people are like, or is it?

Angels on Sunset Boulevard was well written and provided an interesting setting for the reader. A short, quick read, but sure to capture the minds of thirteen to seventeen-year-olds. This book does have some course language, and some small parts that are meant for a mature audience. The romance scenes were by far the most enjoyable part of the book Ö absolutely enticing.

This reviewer gives Angels on Sunset Boulevard four almost-perfect stars.


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