Chloe, Age 8, Duri, Sumatra, Indonesia

Monitor Lizard Chong-Chong was walking by the other animals. They giggled and whispered about Chong-Chong’s tail. They teased him and called him names like Spikey Tail. Jackey the Elephant led the teasing.

He didn’t like them teasing him so he went to the wise Macaque Monkey.

Wise Macaque said, “They want you to feel bad. Here is a way to make them like you.” Then he shooed Chong-Chong away with an idea to get them to stop teasing him. The next day Chong-Chong walked by the animals. He went straight to the teacher. Chong-Chong said,” I forgot my homework.” While he spoke, he was pointing at Jackey’s gang, so that the gang would think Chong-Chong was telling on them.

The gang came over saying, “We’re so sorry we were bullying him.”

The teacher said, “You’ve been bullying him? Then you all have a time out.”

While they were in time out, Spirit of the Elephant came and said, “You were teasing Chong-Chong about his looks. I’m going to cut your tusks off so you will learn your lesson.”

The next day Jackey, the elephant, woke up without tusks, but he did not notice. He went to school and went up to a gecko and said, “Give me your lunch money!”

The gecko just laughed and walked away. For not only he not have tusks, but he was also naked. Soon a whole crowd of animals were laughing at  him. Jackey was so embarrassed so he ran into the rain forest were he met the Spirit of the Elephant.

The Spirit said,” There are two things you have to do. The first thing is to get some clothes on. The other has to do with the word sorry.”

At first Jackey didn’t understand, but soon he realized what he had to do. He put some clothes on and went to see Chong-Chong, the monitor lizard.

Jackey said, “I’m sorry Chong-Chong.”

Chong-Chong accepted his apology and  they were friends. After he never bullied an animal again.

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