The Clown
Brianna, Age 12, Easton, CT

Once there was a very spoiled little girl named Kate. She was with her grandma named Agnes. They were shopping and Kate saw a clown in the window that was waving two fingers like a peace sign. She asked her grandma to get it for her, and her grandmother said yes. So they went in to the store and bought it. She put it in to the back seat and stared at it the whole ride home.

When they finally got home it was time for bed. Kate said to her grandma that the clown was now scaring her instead of pleasing her, and that she didnt want it anymore. Her grandma put it in the basement and said they would return it to the store the next day.

Then they went to bed. That night Kate heard footsteps. It must be my grandmother she thought. Then she heard a little voice. She pulled the sheets over her head but she could still hear the soft voice. It said, I am coming for you little girl, I am on the basement stairs.

She was scared and thought it was her imagination. She heard the little voice again.

I am in the kitchen little girl. I am coming for you.

She was scared out of her wits now.

I am on the stairs little girl. I am coming for you.

I am in the hallway little girl I am coming for you.

I am in your room now. I am coming for you.

He jumped up on to her bed.

I am on your bed now little girl. I am coming for you.

She wished that this horrible voice would go away and leave her alone. Why me, she thought? Why not someone else? Anyone but me! She screamed very loud but her grandmother did not hear it.

The next morning Kates grandmother went in to her room to say good morning but what she found was very surprising. Agnes found Kates lifeless body on the bed. The clown was now waving three fingers instead of two.

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