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Roy MacGregor. The Complete Screech Owls (Volume Four)
McClelland & Stewart  $19.99  ISBN 0-7710-5491-2  484 pg.
Reviewed by Mathew, Age 12

While in New York for a hockey tournament, Travis’s best friend Nish gets the bizarre idea to moon the most people ever, all at once, in order to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. After getting Data and Fahd, ‘computers nuts’, interested in the idea, Nish creates a file on Data’s computer, with the help of Data’s video camera, of his butt. Next, they need to do a dry run. Will it work? What WILL happen?????

Roy MacGregor continues The Complete Screech Owls series with Volume Four. An amazing author who knows how to make things ‘click’ in all of the stories that he has written. He has been involved in hockey for all of his life and when he was younger, he competed for several years against Bobby Orr.

I would recommend this book for all hockey fans, young and old.  As it is absolutely packed with action, suspense and mystery, I think that almost any younger kid would love it whether they are a hockey fan or not. One of the many reasons that I enjoyed reading this book is because there are actually four screech owls adventures contained in this book instead of only one. Another reason that I enjoyed reading it is that it never gets boring. It’ll hold your attention from beginning to end.

This reviewer gives The Complete Screech Owls (Volume Four) five action-packed stars.


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