Elizabeth, Age 12, Easton, CT

Jenny looked down at her watch. It read 11:30pm.

“Oh no,” she thought to herself. “It’s already half an hour past my curfew.”

“OK guys, I got to go,” she sighed to her friends.

“Bye,” they all said in unison. She walked out of her friend’s house and out into the cold, bitter night. She instantly felt goose bumps form on her hands and arms. She was jogging back to her house when she noticed a path that lead to woods. Jenny thought she could use it as a shortcut to her house. She had never seen these woods before, and wasn’t familiar with them.

As she walked into the woods, she noticed they had eeriness to them. The only light she had was the moon, and I shown down on the ground like a blue light. She could hear owls in the trees around her and the crackling of the twigs beneath her feet. Then she started hearing something breathing. Jenny thought it was herself breathing, and all of a sudden she heard a heartbeat. It grew louder and louder inside her head. Her head began to hurt, and she covered her ears to try and stop it. She looked around and saw shadows from a distance. Jenny’s heart felt like it was about to break through her chest. She was looking around to see what was causing her this pain. She held her breath for a second, but still she could hear the breathing. It got louder and louder, closer and closer. She started running as fast as she could through the woods, scrambling over plants and twigs. All of a sudden she tripped over a root of a tree that was sticking out. She put her hands in front of her to help try and break her fall, but suddenly she stopped in mid air. She tried moving but she couldn’t because something was grabbing the back of her shirt. She started turning to see what it was.

“AHHHHHH!” Jenny fell to the ground. An ear piercing scream came from behind her. She cupped her hands over her ears because the scream made her head feel like it was about to explode. She started getting up, but the next thing she knew she was being dragged out of the woods by her legs. She was yelling and clawing the ground trying to hold on to something. Then she was thrown into the air and onto the sidewalk.

“Ouch,” Jenny said as she landed on the ground. She looked up to see where she was and realized she was right in front of her lawn. She then got up and headed to her house.

“I will never be late for a curfew again,” she promised herself taking one last look at the woods before she went inside.

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