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Shelley Hrdlitschka. Dancing Naked
Orca  $6.95  ISBN 1-55143-210-2  249 pg.
Reviewed by Emma, Age 15

Jan. 5


The blue of tropical water, the surf pounding the shore.

The blue of the sky on a brilliant spring day.

The blue of a speckled robin’s egg.

The ice-blue of Derek’s eyes.

The blue ring in the water.

It’s confirmed.

I am.



Dancing Naked is the story of Kia Hazelwood, an average girl who was once-upon-a-time seduced by popularity and a pair of cool blue eyes. She is a girl who has always been the perfect oldest child: deadly smart, deadly sweet, and deadly beautiful, sixteen-year-old. And her period has come on time, every time, since she was eleven. Until now. Now, she’s three weeks late, and the million-dollar question is…what’s next?


Shelley Hrdlitschka (that's her-dah-LITCH-kah) writes from her home in North Vancouver, BC, where she lives with her husband and three daughters. She is the author of Sun Signs, as well as several other books for teens. I recommend Dancing Naked to girls ages 13-17 with open minds and soft hearts.


Dancing Naked is a beautiful modern novel that shows easily stereotyped members of society in a different light and addresses controversial topics with natural grace. Kia, at the center of the story, is revealed trait by trait through the diary entries, e-mails, and text that make up the novel. She is a stunning, thoughtful, and winning character; a real and realistic person, who finds the strength to make unapproved friends, choices, and discoveries; to give, to love, and to cope.


Dancing Naked is a triumphant, addictive five-star novel.


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