Sarah's Stars

Mary Iverson. Fine Art Studio: Watercolor
Silver Dolphin  $24.95  ISBN 978-1-59223-650-3  40 pg.
Reviewed by Kelly, Age 13

Watercolor is a great HOW-TO book for beginners. It explains everything you need to know about how to do watercolour painting. It gives you the basics on how to mix colours. It shows you step by step how to do washes, landscapes, nature studies, travel sketching and portraits. This book not only tells you how to paint, it tells you the history of painting, how it came to be, different styles of painting and it mentions different artists. Also this kit includes a how-to book, paint, paper, brushes, watercolour pencils, a palette and more!

I recommend this kit to anyone, aged 10 and up, who would like to try watercolour painting. BUT beware; it takes a lot of practice!

This artist gives Mary Iversonís Watercolor kit 4 adventurous stars. See also the accompanying watercolour collage.


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