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Ann Brashares. Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood
Delacorte Press  $23.99  ISBN 978-0-385-72936-9
Reviewed by Emma, Age 14

  Once upon a time there were four girls.  Young women, you might even say. And though their lives traveled in four different directions, they loved each other very much.
  Once upon a time before that, these same girls found a pair of pants, wise and magical, and named them the Traveling Pants.

So, it is the fourth summer of the Sisterhood, and now, everything is different. After a year apart, attending different colleges, summer brings only more of the same. Lena is staying in Providence to take a drawing class; Bridget is off to Turkey, to take part in an archaeological dig; Carmen is in Vermont at a theatre festival; Tibby is sticking around NYU, taking an intensive screenwriting class. As each girl strives, sinks, discovers and frets, the Pants travel faithfully between them. But intervention is required when the Pants begin to realize what the Sisters hadn’t seen…

Ann Brashares is the author of Forever in Blue and the first three novels in the Traveling Pants series. She lives in New York City with her husband and three kids. I recommend this book to every woman over the age of 13.

She’s done it again, folks! Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood (Traveling Pants series) was everything I hoped it would be. Anne Brashares’ writing is sensational, her plot delicious and her characters stunning and lovable. The growth of each throughout the novel is made evident in Brashares’ own unique style, adding to another breathtaking and addictive addition to this exemplary series.

I will not lie: the first twelve pages, or so, are absolute, torturous garbage, obtuse and thoroughly disappointing, but have faith. The Sisterhood series rules on as Emma’s ‘life favourite’, appealing to every facet of my taste. A stellar, entrancing novel, Forever in Blue has provoked thought, anxiety, and multiple rereads (already!), along with many smiles and tears.

Five stars for Forever in Blue; a beautiful story I will value forever.


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