He Is the One
Alexis, Age 12, Easton, CT

As we sit there,
gazing upon the stars,
he pays no attention to them.
But does so to me.
As do I gaze upon his hypnotizing eyes,
We sit there showing affections for each other.
His sea green eyes gazing into my blue eyes.
This moment will never end.

Journeying through such a mysterious universe
is creating confusion between two different thoughts.
Representing the one deep question,
Is he the one?

Our souls connect like magnets,
a rapid heart beat is set,
and nonetheless he is mine once again.

I feel safe,
when I am around him.
Protected like a frightened maiden in a huge tower,
with her brave knight down below
promising that no one will harm her.

As we stare deep into each other's eyes,
we know that this is all true,
and that he is definitely the one.

He will never leave me,
nor ignore me,
because we have a love deeper than all means,
a fiery passion for each other,
that will never ever burn out.

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