Sarah's Stars

Richard Lewis.  The Killing Sea
Simon and Schuster  $19.99  ISBN 978-1-4169-1165-4  183 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

When his life is shattered forever by the tsunami, Ruslan has only one thought - to find his father; he has to be alive! The tsunami may have taken everything else, but surely his father was spared.


Sarah is on vacation with her family when the torrent of water shatters her world. Her mom, dad and brother are swept away by the tsunami and she fears she has nothing left.


The Killing Sea is an action-packed, and very entertaining, adventure-survival story. Based on the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia, Richard Lewis uses his firsthand experiences to bring this tragedy to life.  The only difficulty I had with The Killing Sea was that the author, having a lot to say, has the action scenes coming one after the other, with no pause or chance for thought on the last scene; allowing hardly any reaction from the characters. Would a slower storyline add to the novel? Or was it just meant to sweep you along?


I would definitely recommend this book for readers twelve years old and up as it contains some gruesome details of that day in December 2004. Also, Richard Lewis will donate a portion of The Killing Sea profits to the Acehnese people in Indonesia.


This reviewer gives The Killing Sea four promising stars.



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