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Stephen and Marlo Carter Kirkpatrick. Lost in the Amazon
W Publishing Group  $15.99  ISBN 0-8499-0015-8  230 pg.
Reviewed by Emma, Age 15

November 12, 1995

By venturing off course, I fear we have put together a plan that could end our lives. Even if someone came searching for us, they would have no idea where to look. We are miles from the river, and the canopy is too thick for any hope of sighting or rescue by plane.

I still have faith. I’m praying and putting my trust in God.

But I have to be realistic. Christians die just like everybody else.

Lost in the Amazon is a true survival story written years after the fact by extreme wildlife photographer Stephen Kirkpatrick. What started out as an exciting and carefully planned out photography expedition into unknown parts of the Amazon turns unpredictable when the group’s already-sketchy map is discovered to be way off the mark…

Stephen and Marlo Carter Kirkpatrick live in Mississippi where they photograph and write respectively. Together they wrote Lost in the Amazon, also called Extreme Exposure, and created Romancing the Rain, a coffee table book. As well as being an award-winning photographer, Stephen Kirkpatrick has three sons—“two on earth and one in heaven”—and the couple share four pets. I recommend Lost in the Amazon to anyone ages 12 and up.

Though on the surface Lost in the Amazon is a captivating and surreal tale of wilderness survival, the underlying storyline—the testing of Stephen’s faith—adds a darker, more mature edge to the book. Though daunting to those of us who do not fall under the category ‘Christian,’ this powerful subplot makes Kirkpatrick’s adventure complete and adds a traditional twist to this magnetic modern read!

I don’t feel I can rank the real and true events of a person’s life, but I can suggest you read the book yourself! Keep in mind that this is not a novel, so you will not find it in the fiction section of the library. And be sure to GOOGLE the author’s photography as well: it is absolutely breathtaking!

RATING: Not rated

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