Midnight Party
Sofia, Age 11, Basque Country, Spain

'ZAM!!!' I abruptly opened my eyes.

What was that???

'ZAM, BOOM, CRASH!!!' again! 'KER-POW!! BOOM!!!'

I stared around. The noise was coming from inside the kitchen cabinet.

I slowly stood up, and dried my eyes. Then I walked towards the source of the noise.


This was enough. I ran and opened the  cabinet.

'What is going on??'

Dick, Michael, Jenny and Martha looked at me guiltily.

'Dick started... 'mumbled Jenny.

'I didn't!!!' screamed Dick.

'Shush!' I said, pulling them apart, for Dick had jumped to attack her. 'You are going to wake up everyone!'

'Who?' asked Martha, looking up.' All our neighbours are already awake.'

'No' I muttered 'I mean THEM.'

'Oh!' Michael gasped.

I gave them a tired smile.

'Now calm down. Just play around, but don't break anything.'

The kids nodded.

'Come on, Martha, let's see who can slice butter faster!' I heard Jenny say before I left the cabinet.

'Helen!' someone called. I turned around. It was Rosie.

'Hello Rosie! Had to shut the kids up, they were making loads of noise.' I explained.

'Okay!' she said. 'Want to come with me and Bobby to stir tomorrow's soup?'

'What for?'

'We thought we could cook it so THEY don't have to do it, and the THEY'll go bonkers asking who did it and we'll have a laugh. Anyway, I'm starving!'


We walked along the kitchen floor, and I bumped against old Tilly, the Teapot.

'Careful!' she screeched.

'Sorry ma'am!'

Rosie chuckled while Tilly walked away, followed by her seven kids; the tea cups.

'So, what were the kids doing in the cabinet?'she asked.

'Oh, just smashing together against the wall, and doing a competition to see who can chop or cut food faster.'

'Ah' Rosie laughed 'Young butter knives, so lively and happy!'

I didn't say anything, seeing as I'm just a plastic spoon. Rosie is a metal spoon, and she has lived with butter knives for a long time.

We reached the kitchen counter and climbed up, holding onto the napkins that hung from the cupboards above. There, next to the fridge, was Bobby, a wooden spoon.

'Hi girls!' he said 'The soup is in the fridge. I've already got the microwave open to stick it in, so lets get it.'

He pulled that string tied to the magnet on the fridge, and after pulling and pulling, he opened the fridge. Then he pulled the tupper with soup out.

Rosie pushed it onto a plate, and I tied a napkin around so the forks that were on top of the microwave could pull it up.

But suddenly, we all froze.


Mrs. Johnson heard noises. They came from the kitchen. After waiting for a bit, seeing they didn't stop, she ran to the kitchen.

And screamed.

There was stuff everywhere - spoons on the floor, plates on the table, the fridge and cupboards were open, knives and glasses were all over the place... And also food. The bowl of soup she was planning to have the next day for supper was cooking all by itself, and the milk bottle was open and rolling along the cold floor, spraying milk all over the place... Knives stuck in the butter, teapots under the rug...

She fainted.

Little did she now about us; all kitchen things become alive at night-time, so be careful when you want a glass of water at midnight!

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