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Carol Plum-Ucci. The Night My Sister Went Missing
Harcourt    $19.95  ISBN 0-15-204758-1  202 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah, Age 16

No body had washed up. The police hadn’t found any blood on the pier near the spot where Casey went over. The gunshot, which sounded more like a weather-wet firecracker, could not possibly have hit one of Casey’s vital organs.

The ‘in crowd’ always parties on the pier. No matter how many times the local police remove the climbing spikes from the old pilings, new spikes replace them. Despite warnings of danger, the youth of the area cannot be discouraged from frequenting this prime party site. Hundreds of kids had used this hangout for years before that night, and they had all survived.  Why was it that Casey Carmody, Kurt’s one and only younger sister, had to be the one who was lost over the edge into the sea? Why was she the one who appeared to have been shot, and to have hit the ocean without so much as a splash? And why had it all happened on a weekend when their parents were out of town?

The Night My Sister Went Missing is an intense novel. Almost all of it takes place in one night.  Casey Carmody, a popular fifteen-year-old girl, has fallen off the pier and her brother, Kurt, is the only family member around. He therefore spends an incredibly stressful and nerve-racking night in the police station, eavesdropping on the interrogations of all his peers.

I thought that it was an intriguing storyline, with an excellent opening, which got me hooked right away. The first person point of view really shone in this setting and complimented the storyline well. This novel is suitable for anyone over twelve years of age, for boys and girls alike.

he Night My Sister Went Missing is definitely a five-star book.


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