Only Take Enough to Fill Your Belly
Arran, Age 9, Duri, Sumatra, Indonesia

There once was a tiger named Sumie. In summer there was a season called “Hunting Season.” During Hunting Season, Sumie hunted lots of animals. The animals he liked to hunt the most were Komodo dragons and monitor lizards.

After he finished hunting, he would take the animals back to his village and burn them. One night the Spirit of the Tiger came down to talk to him.

He said, “I am very disappointed with your behavior, Sumie. In the morning I will send hunters to your village.”

The next day Sumie thought it was just a dream, but it was not a dream! He could see hunters! He quickly ran to the Komodo dragon and monitor lizard and asked for help, but they said, “Why should we help you? You usually hunt us and now you want us to help you. How is that fair?”

Sumie was very frightened. He ran and ran until he saw the monitor lizard’s cave. He ducked into it hoping the hunter would not find him. He could hear the hunter was getting closer and closer! He could smell him in the cave.  He saw a sharp knife glistening in his hand. The hunter got ready to throw the sharp knife at him. Sumie called out to the Spirit of the Tiger.

“I have learned my lesson, oh great spirit. Please deliver me from this danger.”

The Spirit of the Tiger appeared and Sumie promised to never hunt for fun and only hunt when he was hungry. In a snap the hunter disappeared. The cave was silent. Sumie was safe. He learned to never hunt for fun and only to hunt when he was hungry.

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