The Pen and the Honey Hunt
Sofia, Age 11, Basque Country, Spain

Uh. What can I write?

Use your imagination!

Imagination. . . Yeah.

I can imagine the pen sliding over the blank piece of paper... Drawing... Writing...

What is the pen doing??

 A shape, a shadow... A drawing...

It's a fairy! Or maybe an elf. Long pointy ears, beautiful sharp blue eyes, smooth bright skin... A cheeky smile, sometimes covered by the girl's long curly black hair, shining in the moonlight.


It is just a picture, right? Or maybe... not.

No. Pictures don't SMILE. But if it's just a drawing of SOMEONE smiling?

Pictures don't move.

This one does. The fairy smiles, waving with her little white hands. She is wearing a flower made blouse, and a beautiful and lovely skirt, its colour white, matching the pale daisy petals of the flowers on her blouse. Real flowers.

But where is this fairy? The pen gets to work; it draws the outline of a gigantic tree... The fairy's home. With small windows, a nice little door and wonderful plants, flowers, mushrooms... growing on the bark.

The fairy's name is... Lienai.

Lienai of Bluebell Hill. Bluebell hill? Of course! The pen draws a wealthy and colourful valley, full of trees and fields of bluebells. There is a little wooden sign reading:


How very nice of you, Mr. Pen.

The pen adds the finishing touch; a couple of beautiful pale lilac wings for our dear little Lienai. She gasps, amazed, and shouts:

'Thanks!!' Then she flutters away. Where? To show her friends her new wings of course! After floating a long way towards Lower Bluebell Hill, she stops next to a tall oak tree. That's where her mate lives! Lienai rings the bell on the little door (the bell is a bluebell, of course) and then a beautiful little fairy opens the door. She has long blonde hair, friendly green eyes and a couple of small but very pretty light green wings, that shook with excitement when she saw the two beauties on Lienai's back.

'You've got your wings!' she said happily.

'Yes! Aren't they nice, Enna?'

'They are!' said the other fairy, her own wings fluttering.

'Let's go and play at the park!' said Lienai.


They flew over the big handsome trees and over the blue mountains, and landed at a small park with a pond. The pond was enormous for them, of course, as they were very little fairies, and it was called Bluebell Lake.

Floating on a lilypad, they found Ozkhob, a young fairy boy that went to their same class.

'Hi, Oz!'

'Hello Enna and Lienai! Hey, very nice wings!'

Lienai gave a wide smile.

'Thank you! Yours are still nice and shiny!' she said, pointing at Ozkhob's wide ruby red wings. He smiled and flew off the lily pad.

'Would you like to come with me and join the honey hunt?'

'Yes please!'

Ozkhob laughed.

'Let's get ourselves a butterfly then!'

Honey hunting was great fun. A group of fairy friends had to ride on a butterfly and look for pollen. They had to steer the butterfly correctly to get the tastiest flowers in order to win the Best Honey award.

Ozkhob, Lienai and Enna chose a yellow butterfly. They grabbed their Pollen-Jars and flew off.

The three fairies had great fun, and in the end they made Bluebell Hill's best ever honey.

Thank you, pen!!!!!!

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