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Evelyne Daigle. The World of Penguins
Tundra Books  $21.99  ISBN 978-0-88776-799-9  47 pg.
Reviewed by Kaelyn, Age 11

A long time ago, the natives of South America hunted penguins and took their eggs. Then the first navigators, starving and suffering from the cold, used penguins to make clothing, pillows, candles, soap, lamp oil, and, as a last resort, meals.

Realistically illustrated and full of wonderful facts, this book is like The March of the Penguins movie remade in book form! What could be better for a penguin fan!  And if you donít know much about penguins, this would be a great fact book to learn more about them.

What did this reviewer think of the non-fiction picture book? Read it and weep folks! Literally! This book has some absolutely amazing facts about penguins and how they live their lives. Can you believe that penguins only have one mate for their entire life?  Who knew! The World of Penguins is a really good book; lots to read and look at and would be of interest to both young and old.

This reviewer gives The World of Penguins 4 unforgettable stars!


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