Pictures and Footprints
Grace, Age 8, Duri, Sumatra, Indonesia

One day Yong, Liming, and baby Grace where walking in the Butterfly Park. They finally found the perfect spot for their picnic.  Liming laid a blanket on the ground and they all sat down for their picnic.  As they sat they ate chocolate chip cookies and drank juice.

When they were done they looked for a trash can, but they couldn’t find one. Finally they gave up. Instead of putting it in their bag, they threw the litter on the ground. Butterflies warned them not to litter, but they just walked away. When they were about to leave an orangutan smelled the trash. It swung from a branch and took baby Grace.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” screamed Liming. “Who took my baby?”

“Give us back our baby!” yelled Yong.

Suddenly butterflies surrounded them. The butterflies told them to go back and pick up their trash.  Liming and Yong were willing to try anything to get back their precious baby, Grace. They ran back to where the picnic had been and picked up all the trash. This time they put it back in their bag.

When the orangutan saw what they did he swung down from the trees and retuned baby Grace.

“Oh thank goodness you're okay, Grace.”  Liming cried with happiness.

“Thank you for returning our baby. We promise never to litter again,” said Yong.

“You're welcome,” grunted the orangutan.  “Please never soil my home again.”

Moral: Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.

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