Angela, Age 13, Vancouver, BC

"We're so unpopular" she said. She as in my friend, but I can care less. What is the definition of popularity anyway? To be invited to parties? To have a bunch of admirers? To be mean to everyone else?

In my old school, it was worse. The "popular" people were the ones bossing and shutting others out of their world. Most of them would glare at me when I talked to them. I was with them for a year and they didn't seem to be higher then other people. There was once, one of the girls in the group gave me a pen and then another one said, "Why'd you do that?" like I was a alien and after a while, when the school year ended, I 'left'.

Another girl used to try to make me miserable every time. She'd throw earsers and other objects at me and when I handed out stuff she'd be like "Eww! There's germs on it."

"They're so popular," my friend said again.

"So?" I'd reply because I want to live my life MY way, not trying to be popular all the time. Who cares what other people thinks all the time? Isn't it YOUR life? Everyone's different and that's what makes them unique.

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