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Brian Doyle.  Pure Spring
Groundwood Books  $14.95  ISBN 978-0-88899-775-3  160 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 13

Pure Spring is about Martin OíBoy and his struggles to make sense of his life. He has no parents and lives with his friendís grandfather, Mr. Rip Sawyer. Like most teenage boys, Martin wants a job but that, unfortunately, is where the trouble starts. Firstly he starts off the job, a delivery boy for Pure Spring drinks, by lying about his age so that he would get employed. To make matters worse the truck driver of the truck heís assigned cheats the customers and makes them pay for drinks they donít receive. Martin has no problem going to his boss and telling him about the misdoings, but Randy, the truck driver, knows about the age thing and threatens to tell. As if things arenít bad enough Martin falls in love with Gerty, the granddaughter of one of the customers they are cheating. Will he do the right thing and tell or will he go along with Randy to protect his own secret?

Although the big idea of the story was good, I found the writing confusing and choppy. It took me about 3 chapters before I started to figure out the layout and why I was told certain information. I feel that some of the characters he introduced didnít contribute to the story at all. Brian Doyleís writing, in Pure Spring, didnít paint a vivid picture in my mind; it wasnít very descriptive. Although this is my first Brian Doyle book, I would recommend it to Doyle fans ages 13 and up because of the storyline.

This reviewer gives Pure Spring two stars.


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