Sarah's Stars

Henry T. Aubin.  Rise of the Golden Cobra
Annick Press  $12.95  ISBN 978-1-55451-059-7 256 pg.
Reviewed by Keegan, Age 13

Rise of the Golden Cobra is a great book about a fourteen-year-old boy named Nebi, whose master is murdered in the desert by Count Nimlot, a supposedly good guy. Nebi escapes, but only after being shot in the leg with an arrow. He lures one of Nimlotís guards into a trap so he can steal his horse and food. Nebi then heads into the desert, to make his way to Thebes, where he can tell the King of Egyptís daughter of Nimlotís treachery. Nimlot escapes capture and Nebi is enrolled in the army, where many adventures await him.

Rise of the Golden Cobra is an awesome bend of fact and fiction. It was very exciting from cover to cover and the war scenes were incredible, filled with action and detail. I would recommend this book to kids age 12 and up, mainly because the war scenes are slightly gory.

This reviewer gives Rise of the Golden Cobra five treacherous stars.


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