Sarah's Stars

Inge Barth-Grozinger. Something Remains
Hyperion Books  $22.99  ISBN 0-7868-3880-9  390 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Erich Levi is finding it harder and harder to be normal. He doesn’t know why exactly, but people are giving him and his family strange looks which they never got before… Why were his schoolteachers excluding him from the rest of his class, singling him out? Why wasn’t anyone buying anything from his family anymore? There are so many questions that can all be answered with a simple sentence.  Erich Levi is Jewish. 


I absolutely adored this novel, right from the very beginning to the very end. It is the kind of novel that has a way of growing on you, and sticking there. Each chapter goes by, gently sweeping the reader along. It gradually goes from a happy story to one of tragedy and loss. I found that everything in the plot came slowly, so when something terrible happened to the main character it made me want to cry. I would recommend this novel for people thirteen years and older. It can be a harsh book at times. Despite the sad reality, it is an amazing novel.


This reviewer gives Something Remains five stars.



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