Take Only What You Need
Riece, Age 8, Duri, Sumatra, Indonesia

The other day Riece and his parents went camping.  When they built the campfire they burned too much wood. Riece asked, “Are we burning too much wood?”

His mom and dad didn’t answer. They just kept burning wood. They wanted the fire to get really big because they like to watch the golden-orange flames.

The next morning, when they were going home, they saw a monitor lizard and a macaque monkey in front of their car.  Dad stopped the car to watch the animals.

The monkey opened the door and asked in a funny voice “What are you doing to my trees?”

They stared at the monkey in disbelief. Then Riece yelled out “You’re talking, monkey!”

Dad said, “That’s unusual.”

Everybody was surprised because they had never seen a talking monkey in their life! Then the monitor lizard crawled in the car and hissed ”I’m supposed to hide on the trees. How can I do this if you burn my hiding spot down?”

Mom said, “ I think the monkey and the lizard are afraid they were going to die. We need to stop burning so much wood.”

So the family promised to only use as much wood as they needed so they could save the home of lizard and the macaque monkey. And they all lived happily ever after.

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