Violence Is Never the Answer
Anthony, Age 9, Portland, OR

It was as cold as a mountain at the hospital I was born in, on January 15,1929. I was named after my father only he was a senior Iím a junior. My mother Alberta is an spectacular teacher at a little tiny school.

I really cared about people solving problems in peace not in violent actions. Later I was in an important meeting. Someone who didnít agree with me threw a bomb in my house with my family inside. Thanks to the Lord my family was not injured. Iím grateful for my family. Iím also happy with the people who took my speech seriously and the people who didnít, did not take actions like the bomber.

Years passed and I followed in my dad's foot steps as a pastor. It was my favorite thing to do. Later I made a long speech that allowed African Americans to have the same privileges as white people did. My famous speech 'I have a dream' was about my dream that little black boys and girls would be able to connect hands with white boys and girls.

It is great to have changed laws allowing African Americans to have equal rights. Even though it was hard work it was still the best days of my life. So remember, never use violence. Violence is never the answer.

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