Sarah's Stars

Juliet Marillier. Wildwood Dancing
Knopf  $22.99  ISBN 978-0-375-83364-9  407 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

His kiss was not about love or tenderness. It was a kiss of possession, and it bruised my lips and wounded my heart.

Jenica is one of five children, the second oldest. While she is the most sensible one, her four sisters all have their own special personality traits. They love each other very much and enjoy living in the ancient castle known as Piscul Dracului. And beside it is the forest, the Wildwood. There are rumours about that castle and forest… ones that tell of enchanted tales, and evil forces. Fairy tales that are so strong, and it’s all true. Every Full Moon the five sisters cross over from their world to the Other Kingdom. This is where they go to dance. They spend their entire evening in the amazing world, with dwarves and fairies, witches and giants alike. This is all fine and well…as long as no one finds out. But true love and family find their way into the story, and everything spirals out of control.

Alluring, amazing, magnificent! I adore this novel! It was so lovely to read about betrayal and forbidden love. I could faint, this book is just plain awesome. If anyone were ever to just look at the cover, they would want to read it right away. The illustrations on the cover are gorgeous! On the inside, the story comes together, and it is a mysteriously enchanting plot that will capture your imagination. It is a book that the reader will never want to put down! Some parts of the book will literally leave you gasping for air. The excitement and the romance come together with the descriptive writing to create a ravishing novel.

I would recommend this book for people thirteen years old and up. It does contain some mature content, and some gruesome pieces.

I give Wildwood Dancing five lustrous stars! I really do think I will faint!


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