Connor, Age 13, Auburn, WA

America, whose rivers I've traversed many a time
Whose mountains I've bellowed at
Whose forests and valleys have given me shelter
Whose beauty is slowly fading
Whose cities are rotting from within
Whose poets are imprisoned
Whose priests are politicians spinning religion from Capitol Hill
Whose White House is turning black
Whose children are dying
America, soon you'll have to look at the mirror
America, what will you see when the time comes
Will you see a land of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness"
Was Lincoln correct in his great emancipation
Maybe what you'll see in the reflection is Red Russia
Or the Cuba you so fear
America your socialists demand answers
Do you know the names of your poor
The faces of the desperate victims of a free market society stare at you
America, beware these warnings
Time is running away and out
Do not become Whitman's "damned of nations"
America, I'm not giving up on you.

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